Daniela P Furtado, Dulce y Natural

Welcome and hello ... 

Hello! My name is Daniela Pimentel Furtado, I have a plant-based diet and I am an extreme dessert-addict! I spend my days thinking about and making desserts that taste good and can be good for you, like colourful berries covered in chocolate, juicy mangos in a sorbet, fresh figs topped on a lemon tart ... you get the idea! 

Dessert Philosophy

I believe desserts should not only be delicious but also nutritious and harmless. They should nourish our bodies and brains without harming the environment around us. This blog offers exactly that (and more)! I share and celebrate desserts made of fruits and vegetables.

In my recipes, I don't often use dairy or eggs and I enjoy baking raw and vegan whenever I can.

Details about me

Besides desserts, I also love bicycles, live music, learning, rain, languages and anything Asian. I also write about these things on my blog. 

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, my parents are from Portugal but I currently live in Madrid, Spain. 

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