5 Days of Chia Pudding


The last time I wrote about chia pudding, I went on and on about how easy and simple it is to make. After publishing it, I immediately decided to commit making chia pudding for five days. Every night I soaked a cupful of chia seeds into soymilk and every morning I played witch as I tossed in a number of fruit combinations and oats into my chia pudding cup.  

Why chia? For people like me who struggle to get enough protein and calcium in our diets, chia seeds fill the gap perfectly. According to researchers, one serving of chia seeds has 10% and 18% of our recommended daily intake of protein and calcium, respectively (Coles, 2013). That means strength! Strong bones, teeth and muscles!

These small seeds come from mint plants native to Mexico and Guatemala (Coles, 2013), but can be found in local supermarkets around the world. If you are in Spain, the popular supermarket Mercadona sells chia seeds and my brother back home in Toronto tells me they can even be found in NoFrills

What’s more is that chia seeds offer incredible versatility. Their size and lack of taste makes them easy to add to drinks, breads and sprinkle over day-to-day meals. Chia seeds are hydrophilic, which means they are like sponges (Weintraub, 2015)! They absorb liquids and expand, making them a filling breakfast – and that's exactly why I love starting my day with chia pudding.

My first chia pudding was simple. Just a cup of chia and soy milk, topped with muesli and frozen fruit! 

The second was an Instagram favourite - layers of mango puree, chia pudding and muesli. This mango chia pudding is my favourite and I plan on making it again and again. 

pumpkin chia pudding

The third cup was funky.  I used a pumpkin mix leftover from my Pumpkin Pie recipe. The mix had pumpkin puree, and a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon. I then decorated the top with crushed pistachios. 

The fourth put a sweet start to my day! I mixed a frozen banana and a spoon of Nicolla, then layered it with chia pudding and chunks of frozen mango from day 2. 

The fifth day was citric, exotic and packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and fibre. I simply made layers of kiwi puree, chia pudding and a little muesli for crunch.

Half way through my 5 days of chia, I convinced my brother to make chia pudding! He likes to add protein powder to his cups. This has me thinking about making a chia pudding club ...


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