Good Foodies Friday with Helena Malogorski


Good Foodie Helena Malogorski

Good Foodie Helena Malogorski

When was the last time you used flowers in your desserts? Well, if you are Helena Malogorski it probably was not too long ago.

A couple months ago, I put out a call looking for Good Foodies, that is, anyone who loves, makes and blogs about good food. Helena Malogorski was one of the first Good Foodies I interviewed! Helena is an international babe, an expert on all things natural and incredibly mellow. I love her vibes and I felt so naturally comfortable and confident with her. As for her Instagram account, it’s an explosion of colour and a dessert haven! She puts fruits (especially strawberries) and flowers to such good use. And all the recipes are original!

Good Foodie Helena Malogorski

We talked about her food philosophies, raw cupcakes and how to make the big move to completely plant-based among.


Let’s start with the basics. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Helena, I come from Croatia. I eat 90% raw food and 10% cooked vegan food. I work in our family company, we produce all natural products of 100% natural products based on traditional medicine herbs. In my spare time I do yoga, prepare raw food recipes.

Good Foodie Helena Malogorski

Why do you do it? Why do you cook like this? What or who were your influences?

Because raw foods takes little preparation, I spend less time in the kitchen. The food has more flavors than the cooked foods. It has more vitamins and minerals. I spend less money on pills, on drugs and on doctors. I enjoy raw foods. I like it more than cooked foods.

I absolutely agree and I feel the same way. Tell us about your online presence and what it means to you. You have two websites, Blendologia and Gen, and an Instagram account, Helena Raw and Lifestyle. All are very successful.

We have a company where we produce dietetic products. We always tell our customers to make some changes in their diet along with our products for long-term success. But to avoid answering one by one, I created my social network account to put my recipes there so everyone can see.

What is one dish on your Instagram feed that would convince everyone to eat more plants?

People always react to my treats, my sweet treats, more than on my smoothies and cold pressed juices. I always tend to make low fat and light recipes, because it will be easier for people to transition to healthy foods if they eat something that is sweet. You know, a lot of people don’t like the taste of smoothies and cold pressed juice. They have to eat something that is similar to the food they are eating at the moment.

Right, so they don’t have to quite cold turkey but take it step by step.

Yes, step by step. It's a process.

Are there any food brands at the moment you really love?

Yes, I was in London last year and I discovered The Raw Chocolate Company. I love all their products. They have for example raw chocolate ginger, cacao and everything made of raw chocolate.

There are lots of good brands. One I especially love is for external use. It's a facial cream and its called Bee Yummy. Its 100% natural without any artificial preservatives. I use it on a daily basis. Your skin glows and is so healthy. That's the best thing I found about raw products. You can practically eat everything that is inside this cream. And you can buy it on Amazon.

Cool! And I guess they ship internationally?

Yes, they do!

Good Foodie Helena Malogorski

I’ll look at the website before this interview. By the way, what is your favorite ingredient to use with?

Avocado. Definitely, because you can use it with all salty and sweet dishes. I use it when I normally would use eggs, milk or butter. Its good for pregnant women because it has folic acids. I use it on a daily basis and I eat avocado with everything. Everything.

If someone is transitioning into a plant based diet and want to learn more about it, what advice would you give him/her?

Start slowly. Start increasing you intake of raw fruits and veggies on a daily basis, and start with one raw meal a day and two or three cooked meals. Gradually increase the intake of raw foods to, I don’t know, 50 or 75 percent. Go slow.

Good Foodie Helena Malogorski

As with everything. I saw on your Instagram feed that you made your first raw cupcake this week. And it’s really cool! It has so different colors and textures!

Yes, I just love cupcakes. They are just so sweet and adorable, and unique looking. I always make baked cupcakes but this time I wanted to make raw alterative. Without gluten, without diary, without any artificial preservatives. So I made a little crust of cashews, oat flakes and coconut oil. In the middle I put my almond whip cream and I topped it with my raw raspberry marmalade. It tasted great. Everyone is asking for the recipe so I have to write it down.

There was something on the top that looked like polka dots, was that the raspberry marmalade?

No that was vegan chocolate. This part wasn’t raw. I wanted to make decoration but I couldn't find something else. I love vegan chocolate chips. It gives a certain pop to my sweet treats. I add the chips to the top for decorate but I think you can find raw chocolate chips online somewhere.

Thanks Helena for taking the time to chat with me! And let us know when YOU start shipping our cupcakes internationally. We will be your first customers!

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