Treasure 001

This is my first post to my series Treasure – an archive of cool food related stuff I have found on the Internet and want to share with you! There is always someone to learn from and something to be inspired by, and the Internet is the perfect place to find just that.

  • The next time I take tequila shots, I'm making my own ice shot glasses.

  • Karolina Samalé takes bouquets to a whole new level! Her bouquets are edible and gorgeous.

  • This has been my bible on food colouring chocolate. There is so much to learn about chocolate!

  • I am a big fan of Japanese-inspired food art. These ladies are incredibly creative. Peace Loving Pax is a doctor from Thailand and Yuki, a Japanese native, makes cute vegan food! This Japanese blogger uses chocolate to draw.

  • Have you ever wondered how the pictures from recipe books so incredible? It’s called food styling! These guys and these guys show how its done.

  • Charly Clement’s illustration project, Real Life Lines, gave me a good laugh. She makes "comics" off food photography on Instagram.