Pancake Skyscraper Challenge


Last week, I learnt about a pancake challenge on social media. The rules? Simply make your tallest vegan pancake skyscraper and post a photo of it on Instagram. Pepe and I knew we could make the tallest there is!

On Friday night, I went out to buy ripe bananas, oats and soymilk. At 18:00 on Sunday night, we hit the kitchen and got started. I was responsible for the vegan pancakes and Pepe made his classic pancake recipe.

I peeled 22 bananas and warmed up the unripe bananas in the oven at 150ºF. Once ready, I blended the bananas, 1.5 kilos of oats and 1 litre of soymilk with a hand blender.


By Daniela Pimentel Furtado, Dulce y Natural

Total time: 3 hours

Makes: 80 pancakes


  • 22 bananas very ripe
  • 1.5 kilos oats
  • 1 litre soy milk


    Mix all the ingredients into a giant bowl with a hand blender.

    Warm up a pan on low heat. Before making every pancake, make the pan greasy with olive oil or margarine. Pour small amounts of batter and flip when golden.

    *If the bananas are not very ripe: Place the peeled bananas on a tray and heat them up on the oven for 20 minutes at about 150ºF.

We had so much fun! Pepe played some music (hm... next mixtape idea!) and did some tricks with the pan and the pancakes. At 19:30, friends came over to help.

El maestro de #tortitas 😍😍😍

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Around 21:30, we made roughly 6-dozen pancakes and started stacking. And wow... Stacking pancakes tests relationships! It made Pepe and I so anxious. I never would have thought I would hyperventilate over pancakes! Our tower managed to stand just over 70 centimetres high! Amazing!


However, the tower only stood straight for 5 to 10 seconds. Perhaps our blueprints were all wrong...

For me, the best part was the end. We invited friends to have a pancake dinner (although I am still eating pancakes for breakfast). New to Spain, it is taking me time to make friends and the pancake tower and dinner was the perfect excuse to spend time with new friends and do something out of the ordinary.